District 1:Edit


Blond hair, green eyes.

District 2:Edit

Aemilla Anthony-Edit

Aemilla is evil to everyone except her friend from District one and the tributes from her district. Anyone who is mean to her gets hurt in some way and she won't stop intill she get's revenge. Aemilla has black hair and blue eyes. Her skin is pale.

District 3:Edit

Akira Fukui-Edit

Young, strong, and gets into fights easily. The young girl who won the games by help of an older friend would kick but if she was in them now. She has a small temper and gets mad easily. She might be rude sometimes but she is also very caring, especially to the tributes.

District 4:Edit

Hook Hsif Tyson-Edit

A silent man who has not talken since he became a victor. Some say he might talk to his tributes, some say he doesn't. Even though he has not been seen talking he writes a lot to people. Especially Akira and Apple who have befriended him after their games. He He was also another winner in the games Akira and Apple were in. He has orange hair and green eyes.

District 5:Edit


District 6:Edit


District 7:Edit

Lumba Poirier-Edit

A drunk who seems to be friends with Apple and Akira. She loves eating pears. She has brown hair and green eyes.

District 8:Edit

Tile Dawn-Edit

A usually mean guy but is very sweet to Gwenith. Black hair and blue eyes.

District 9:Edit

Gwenith Sole-Edit

Gwenith is a kind hearted girl from District 9. She cooks stuff a lot. She has red hair and green eyes.

District 10:Edit

Apple Budswind-Edit

The kind hearted, loving young woman who tries to help her tributes as much as she can, but for the most part fails at this. She has brown hair and blue eyes.

District 11:Edit

Tiorn Night-Edit

The winner from the year before the story starts, Tiorn is new to this mentor thing and asks most of the older mentors for help with her problems. (Mainly Akira.) She is 13.

District 12:Edit