After the events of the war, a second dictator has risen to power. His name is Cesarius Centenium. He enslaved the districts, with more malice and cruelty than ever experienced on Panem. He has announced that the last Game will happen. Anyone is free to enter. The reward is that he wil step down from power. The Games are also changed. They have become like Gladiator matches, one on one.

The prophecies have spoken of a teenage boy who will bring about the fall of Cesarius' regime. His name is Marcus.

Chapter 1Edit

Cesarius' POV

"My lord. The prophecies have spoken of a teenage boy who will your demise."

"I WILL not be forced to go on my knees and beg!!!!!!!!"

"Y-y-y-y-y-yes my lord"

I turned around and headed to the balcony of the arena. I was looking foward to the final games.

Marcus' POV

I headed into the catacombs below the stadium and grumbled as I headed towards the arena. I was the first one called to fight. Anyway, as I reached the stadium, two automatic doors swung behind me and a automatic female voice said, "Choose your weapons: Ancient or modern" I was shocked. I had expected to only be able to choose from weapons like swords. Still, I favored those ancient weapons so I said ancient. Then I was shown a variety of weapons and I chose a double sided spear and a circular shield (all shields are resistant to guns). Mechanical arms came out of the ceiling and dressed me in full battle armor and gave me a shield and a double sided spear. As I headed towards the arena, I heard the blood-thirsty crowds cheering. I looked across the arena and saw my opponent. He was armed with a laser gun and had no armor. At the balcony at the top of the arena, I saw Cesarius' ugly face and he said, "For this heat, it'll be a classic battle, no restrictions. Let the battle begin!" He fired and started spraying at me. I raised my shield and held my spear over it, in an offensive one man phalanx formation. I continued going slowly at him until he ran out of bullets. Then, I ran at him and bashed him on the head with my shield. He collapsed and dropped the gun. I raised the spear above my head and looked to Cesarius. He gave me the sign to kill and I plunged my spear down at him.

Later, I learned that the pairings and winners for round 1 were (People who died are crossed out):

Me and Ethan

Kennethy and Dawn

Taurence and Cesar

Mason and Geoffrey

Tanya and Alice

Jenny and Daniel

Kurt and Jonathan

Weston and Kairi

Tristan and Laurence

Heather and Quinton

We were given a few days to "cool off" before round two began. Everyone who had survived immediately went to Otaru Beach, the most beautiful spot place ever.