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Evan D'AgostinoEdit

Evan is the main character of the series. Evan is a fourteen year old boy who was born in District 13, and is best friends with Veida. But then the Capitol bombs it, destroying his family and making him long for vengeance. He, Veida, and his father traverse to District 12, but his father dies along the way. When he finds out about the Hunger Games, he decides that he must join them to get revenge on President Decker, and overall to save Panem.

Veida 13


Veida PrentissEdit

Veida Prentiss is a thirteen year old who lived in District 13. After the bombing, she decides to join Evan in going to District 12. They finally arrive, and then she befriends Darren, Leila, and Elisa. However, when she learns about the Hunger Games, the five of them form a plan to overthrow President Darren.

Leila VelasquezEdit

Leila is a thirteen year old who lives in District 12. She is a skilled in controlling fire, and is twins with Darren. They both meet Evan and Veida in District 12, and all become friends. When she is chosen as a tribute, she accepts the fact and doesn't let anyone volunteer for her.

Darren VelasquezEdit

Darren is a 13 year old who lives in District 12. He meets Evan and Veida when they flee to District 12, and becomes good friends. When his twin sister is taken into the Hunger Games, he takes it very hard. He is part of the plan to overthrow President Darren.

Elisa DiamenEdit

Elisa lives in District 12. She befriends Veida and Evan when they come to her home, and they become great friends.


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1st Hunger Games:

Evan D'agostino

Leila Velasquez