I woke up with a severe headache. Around me was a dense forest of trees. Light poured through the branches, and birds fluttered around the treetops.

I groaned and felt a soft hand lightly lay me on the floor. "You need sleep, Evan." Veida told me.

"Wh-Where's Dad?" I whisper.

"He's sleeping right now. But he isn't doing good. He can barely move."

I was about to ask if I could see him, but I fainted.

I repeatedly switched between consciousness for the next couple hours, until finally I woke up. Next to me, Veida was tending a fire. I looked around, but I couldn't see my dad anywhere.

"Wh-where's D—" I started to say.

"He died last night." Veida responded, sadly.

"Then what happened to his body?" I asked, trying to hold back tears.

"I put it in a hole. You could bury it for him if you'd like."

I slowly got up and walked to the area she pointed to. It was like a natural garden in the middle of the wilderness here. Green plants sprung out of the ground; flowers, grass, even fruit. The tall trees hung over head, and in the center of the small clearing was a hole.

I didn't dare look into it, I just got the shovel and started shoveling the mound of dirt next to the hole into it. After a couple hours, all the dirt was gone, and the burial was done.

I walked back to our camp, and Veida looked at me with a sense of grief. "Evan, I know you'd want to stay and mourn your father, but we have to leave."

"Where to?" I asked.

"District 12."

I racked my brain to remember wht district 12 was. I knew it was in the mountains nearby, and it was the only district near us. Dur