This is the story of the first Hunger Games of Panem, and how the survivors of District 13 survive.

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I do not own the hunger games. All of this is not written by the actual author, with all of it being made fanmade.


This story takes place right after the Dark Days. It is immediately before District 13 is bombed, and follows a boy and girl from thirteen who travel to the other districts for safety.

Table of ContentsEdit

Part 1: The Dark Days Become DarkerEdit

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

The TributesEdit

District One Female: Jewelz Glamour

District One Male: Azzie Flarenton District Two Male: Evan D'Agostino

District Two Female:Trinity Prentiss

District Three Male: Darren Velasquez

District Three Female: Elisa Diamen

District Four Male: Poesidon Pelarky

District Four Female: Irvette Handworksy

District Five Female: Eris Malonie

District Five Male: Damary Andworthen

District Six Female: Lortez Finch

District Six Male: Nopianen Starks

District Seven Female: Saffron Forstbak

District Seven Male: Akales Costanzo

District Eight Female: Ariana Jublin

District Eight Male: Rimdon Silivas

District Nine Female: Gretel Anston

District Nine Male: Frelin York

District Ten: Female: Vavara Farris

District Ten Male: 


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