District 1Edit

  • Chet 'Cyclops'
  • Venus

District 2Edit

  • Ashlar
  • Lindell

District 4Edit

  • Rannik
  • Ariel

District 11Edit

  • Kale
  • Jay

Ch. 1 - The ReapingEdit

The wheat fields that surround District 11 and my home, beckon me to play with them. Blades tilting in the soft wind...children play and laugh, screaming with delight as they chase each other around the stalks. I take a enlightened large breath of air, keen with the smell of baked bread fresh from the hearth. It warms my limbs, and I grin. I stand at the edge of the wheat maze, and test the ground with my bare toes. Then, I take off.

The wind throws at my face as I sprint, wheat stalks brushing up against my body. A woman smiles and laughs as I sprint on past her, as she collects a basket of wheat for the market.

"Be carefull, Jay!" she calls after, but I am already way ahead of her. The balls of my feet roll against the soft earth. I will never stop. I will run forever, and always be free. Away from the madness of my life. I will run to the sky, where happiness awaits. I will be legs are a blur under me now......with no peticular destination.


My foot hits a jagged peice of rock, and I go down. Hard. I now awaken from my dream. It saddens me that it was a dream. I should not have been a dream.....for what i had just eexperience was something amazing. But it was all gone now...sucked into the void I call the real world. I swing my feet from their sheets that encoil them. With a quick glance out the window, I know that morning has come. Beads of persperation begin to form on my forehead. My heart thumps against my sternum, threatening to hammer its way out of my chest. It feels like something big and forgotten lurks in the back of my mind, but I can't bring myself to remember what.

The door swings open to my small room in my family's one story hub we call a house. Her face shows no damage, and her hair is perfectly tidy, despite the fact that it is seven in the morning. My mother.

"Well, I see that you're already up.......hurry up and get dressed then...we've got a big day today." she says, but something other than early morning grogginess behind her words. Her lips are pursed so tightly, they are white.

What was I forgetting about? Why couldn't I remember? As I get dressed and head to our kitchen, the thought still lingers.