Kirt's P.O.V.Edit

"Kirt? Kirt? Kirt, are you okay?" I heard the angelic voice ask continously.

I opened my eyes to see a beautiful face. Immediately I thought I was dead. Otherwise, I wouldn't have seen some face that beautiful. I had to be dead. But, they say if you die you will never remember what was your life back before.

I am Kirt Hawthorne, I am 15 years old. I am the last son of Annie and Gale Hawthorne. I am the twin of Marcus Hawthorne. I have an older half-brother by my mother named Perseus Odair-Hawthorne. I live in District 2. . .

So that meant I was still alive. Bummer. SoI guess the face was all an illusion. "Kirt?" Wait, no. It wasn't. The voice was real. I could feel it. I sat up, immediately I became dizzy. I collapsed. "Oh!" I heard her exclaimed as she catched me by my shoulders. She made me sit up then wrapped me in a blanket.

"Sorry, Kirt." She apologized. "About the punch, I mean. I thought you were someone else. Probably a Peacekeeper. Or a thief."