Kirt's P.O.V.Edit

My heart melted as soon as Macie's eyes looked at me, pleading for something hard to explain. She was angelic, innocent, dangerous with those eyes. Thoes eyes were manipulative, that was obvious.

But I knew she felt something inside her that she could have been holding so long before. . .being kept in the dark. I bet her parents never told her the reason of they dark past, the truth. . .the truth that can destroy he life if I threw it at her just for this moment.

I sighed and I sat down on my father's chair, so I can look straight at her eyes. "Fine, I guess I oughtta tell you, then." I said, "You know your parents were both at the 74th Hunger Games, right?"

She nodded. "Mom said she volunteered after Aunt Prim was reaped, Dad got reaped, his second older brother didn't bother volunteering for him. Dad allied with Careers to save Mom, Mom allied with a little girl named Rue, who died in the hands of a District 1 tribute, who she killed. She said after killing the District 2 male tribute, she and Dad pretended to commit suicide so they can both win."

I nodded a bit slightly, so this was the only parts she knew about. "what about the 75th?"

"They pooled it out from living victors, obviously Mom had to go since she was the only female tribute, Dad volunteered for Uncle Haymich. She said after she received a pearl" - she holds out the pear in her hand - "and a locket from Dad" - she points to her locket - "She blew up the force field so they can both escape."

I nodded a bit slowly. "What about the Second Rebellion?"

She looked at me, confused. "She said only Aunt Prim went there, died in bombings, she said. Grandmother was a medic."

I shook my head. This was my proof, her eyes told it all. They left the truth from her, they gave meaningless details. False, even. I knew it was false, Dad said Uncle Peeta didn't escape. He never did, I know so.

"Macie," I began slowly, "I'm going to tell you something. But promise me you won't freak out. Okay?"


"No!" She screamed at me, "That's a lie! Dad did escape! He wasn't taken by the Capitol! He won't try to kill Mom! Mom never killed Coin, it was your father!" She stood up. "Liar!"

She ran out of the room through the back door and went out in the drizzling weather. "Macie!" I called after her. I stood up, went outside and shut the door and ran after her.

This, is what you call work out to death.