Sorry if it's short, but it's only a part of the story where Katniss wonders what Gale would tell Macie, so read on. . .

Katniss' P.O.V.Edit

"Connor, are you sure Macie went to the right address?" I asked my only son with concern. He rolled his eyes and drinks another glass of liquor. Seriously, first Haymitch, then my son, sooner or later he'll burn himself inside out.

"Oh she's fine, Mom. Don't worry, I led her to the address myself." He assured me as he drank another mouthful of the intoxicating stuff.

But of course I'd still worry. They didn't know, at least, not yet. We didn't bother telling them about the literal truth. The only things we left out was about Peeta getting hijacked, the Second Rebellion, and why Hunger Games came back. And Gale knows they don't know anything at all. This might be his advantage.

Sweet, hardcore, Gale, was out there, I don't know anything he'll do, but possibly he'd tell her the truth and othe lies, possibly about how I broken down.

It could have been a piece of revenge for not choosing him. I could not blame him. But I can't blame myself. I needed hope, not fire. Was it not that clear? By the time I learned the truth. . .it was official. Gale was no longer a friend, for he was the one who made those bombs that killed Prim.

Prim. . .the one who remnded me of Rue, the girl I failed to save in my first Games. It was indirectly District 11's fault, for none had volunteered for a sweet girl that had the right to have a future. But without her, I'd never have seen what Peeta meant. She was - indirectly - the light of why I became the Mockingjay before.

But still, Gale will not accept it. He took Annie Cresta-Odair as a wife, adopted Finnick's son as his own, had two kids with her. But still he will never forget. But he knows about Macie, he knows her weakness.

He knows my vulnerability to my daughter. He'll use my own daughter against me.