Sage Huntley

Sage Huntley, my fanfic character, looks a little like this.

Sage Michelle Huntley is a 14 year old girl from The Seam, District 12 in the country of Panem. Her best friend and hunting partner is Ethan Keene, and they have been surviving off the woods since they were 7 years old. Sage's role model is Katniss Everdeen. She looks up to Katniss as a hero, because without her and many others who were involved in the second rebellion, she wouldn't have her freedoms today.

Personality and FamilyEdit

Sage is a very independent person. She loves her friends and family very much and would do anything to protect them. She always has been since her mother left when she was 2. She has one younger sister who is 13, Greenly Huntley. She treats her like her best friend and is very overprotective of her. Greenly never got to know her mom, because she left when she was 1. She wishes she would have gotten to known her mother, but she's gotten by okay. As for Sage's relationship with her father, Kenneth Huntley , they are extremely close. Sage is always worried about him going to work, but he always comes home safe and sound.

The 85th Hunger GamesEdit

After nine years of peace and no Games, Panem can finally live a normal life. But soon, a new country dubbed Aspen rises and the only way to keep peace between the two countries is to start the Hunger Games up again, ordered by President Paylor. This means that there will be reapings as well.

Life as a TributeEdit

Just like Katniss and Prim, in The Hunger Games: Next Generation, Greenly was reaped into the 85th Hunger Games, but Sage volunteered for her. Sage's father and Greenly were devastated and District 12 couldn't believe someone like Sage would risk her life for her family. With her as an ally from District 2 is Drew Adair , a guy Sage can't stand. But Sage and Blaine both know they have to find a way to get along if they are going to survive.


Greenly Huntley: Sister. Extremely close and will do anything to protect her.

Kenneth Huntley: Father. Extremely close and will do anything to protect him.

Ethan Keene: Best Friend and Hunting Partner. Close friends and will do anything to protect him.

Drew Adair : Very close friends. Enemies at first, but eventually start to become friends.