This is a story about Rue's life. I made up her last name, so don't make a fuss. Yo Momma So Fat.... Nope. Got nuthin'. :) 21:39, March 20, 2012 (UTC)

Chapter OneEdit

I dread the day my name was called at the day of the reaping.

Let me start at the beginning for you. My name is Rue Worthey, the oldest of six children all living in poverty in District 11. I am twelve years old, yet put through hard labor in our orchards. It was pretty easy for me, as I could leap from tree to tree collecting apples and other fruits.

I started working when I was six. The corn fields were cramped and hard to work in. What I hated most of all was that we picked the food but had none of it. My family was starving.

Then the groosling started migrating here for the summer. We lived in the south where I learned used to be the states of Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, and Florida. Our district had to be big because we had to have lots of room to grow food and supplies. For example, cotton was grown in what locals called M-Land. The orange, apples, pears, and peach trees were found in G-Land and F-Land.

A-land was the combination of Alabama and Arkansas. It grew a variety of plants. Only the most advanced farmer families were allowed to live there. You even had to be tested to get an A-Land License.

A year before the games, I met Thresh Williams. He was seventeen and I was eleven. I was never able to figure out why he liked me so much. Our families lived next to each other. In District 11, not many families owned houses. We found a farmer who owned a barn and lived in a horse stall. Our family and the Williams's were lucky; we owned a cow stall. They were very large and clean. The cows that used to live in this barn were very tidy.