Mrs. Pip




The second district, the Electric District


Semi-career, and once owned an unknown business


Silence (came with the floating), scouting, spying, bashing


Electricity, metal cylinders


Age, overly-protective


Currently alive

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Mrs. Pip is a Magneton and the female tribute for the Electric District in the 1st Pokemon Hunger Games, set in the Kanto region. She is now a member ofthe career pack.


Mrs. Pip currently appears as a kindly old Magnton that is also courageous, as she takes Thor Ashenwreath's little sister, Tavia, place in the Hunger Games, knowing that her old age would make her easy prey for the other tributes (the Gamemakers at the Indigo Plateau decided to make the very first Hunger Games special by letting adults either volunteer or be reaped in the Hunger Games). Mrs. Pip is also playful and mischievous, this being proved when she tried to scare Thor.


Mrs. Pip's history is unknown to us, but we do know that she once belonged to a trainer who died and was eventually sent to Professor Oak's lab. It is most likely that she didn't train that much as the Pokemon between the ages of twelve and eighteen, but may have trained enough to be considered somewhat of a career.

At Oak's laboratory, she met the Ashenwreath family, and became a close family friend. Before the Games, she lived at the Electric District.


  • Unknown trainer


  • The definition of pip (in electronics) is (a)a spot of light on a radar screen indicating the position of a plane, submarine, or other object. Or (b) (loosely) any small spot of light on a display screen.
  • Mrs. Pip is loosely based off of Raeoki's own grandmother and the stereo-typical British nanny.