Missile Donalphin




The fourth district, the Water District


Trident, water




Swimming, water-type, moves, throwing object


Form an alliance with either Shano or the career pack.




Ditzy, a player, overly optimistic


Currently alive

This article is to be edited as the the 1st Pokemon Hunger Games goes on.

Missil Donalphin is a Golduck around the age of seventeen. She is a tribute in the 1st Annual Hunger Games, and is considering joining the career pack, but is torn between forming an alliance with her district partner and ex-boyfriend, Shano Poddley.


Missil is a confident Golduck, and seems to believe that she will survive the Games, but it is also possible she just doesn't care about the future. It is mentioned thatshe has quite a few admirers, but the only stable relatonship she's ever had is with Shano Poddley, a Squirtle, who later became her district partner in the 1st Hunger Games. Shano started to get into the habit of planning his and Missil's future together, but "being happy as a playah," Missil quickly dumped him.

She is also a bit of a ditz, and is all too pleased to have her face in a camera's angle.


During the war, the Donalphin's left their old home and fled to a peaceful location by the sea the adult Donalphins heard about. On their way there, Mr. Donalphin mysteriously disappeared while his family was sleeping, and was never seen again. A day after her father's disappearence, Missil, her mother, and five younger siblings discovered the safe haven. The Donalphin refuge turned into the Water District after the war. Missil said that her family was lucky, as they did not have to move from their homes as the other Pokemon in the district had.


  • Father: Mr. Donalphin (Disappeared)
  • Mother: Mrs. Donalphin (Alive)
  • Younger Brother of Eleven: Pablo (Alive)
  • Four younger brothers and sisters (Alive, all younger than Pablo)


  • Missil was originally "Missile," but Raeoki thought it wasn't fictional enough.
  • Missil's last name, Donalphin, originates from "dolphin."