This is the story of Katniss and Gale:Behind the scenes.

They were just hunting,when suddenly a deer rushed past them.They both shot arrows into it,and split the meat.After they finished it,they realized they were hopelessly lost.They began following their tracks,but got nowhere.They sat down and began to make sense of the situation.

"So we're hopelessly lost,with only a rabbit,a bird and two fish as our rations?!" "Don't worry!We can hunt for the rest of our food." "What will our families think?Our customers?The peacemakers????" "Don't worry!We'll find our way out..."

They looked around.Nothing moved.No rrustle of the leaves,no flutter of bird wings,not even the steps of a rabbit or something like that.They wandered around.Gale smiled flirtatiously."Why are you smiling?"Katniss asked.Gale just leaned in and grabbed her by the back.She cautiously looked around.The next things happening were a blur.He pulled her close to her...his lips were on hers...she kissed back...they embraced...they were together.

She sighed,he smiled,and they embraced.The mysterious place they were in didn't matter.They stayed there for a week...

Later,they went on a camping trip for a year.Long enough for Katniss to give birth to a baby girl and two boys.They saw her face.But she gave them to hungry wolves.The girl and a boy got out.The other boy did not.They went their seperate ways...