A list of theme songs for non-canon and canon characters, as well as canon and non-canon couples. Please feel free to add and suggest songs.


Katniss EverdeenEdit

  1. Who Am I Living For by Katy Perry

Peeta MellarkEdit


Lutecia BodiciaEdit

  1. Stand My Ground by Within Temptation

Angelia Alysa Nox Edit

  1. Easier to Run by Linkin Park

Harlequin AcanEdit

  1. The Beast and the Harlot by Avenged Seven Fold
  2. Again by Flyleaf
  3. Don't Go by Bring Me The Horizon

Bennett Tyler Edit

  1. Breath by Breaking Benjamin.
  1. Animal I have Become by Three Days Grace

Rhoda MarlfaexEdit

  1. Stand in the Rain by Superchick

Golden StarrEdit

  1. Run Devil Run cover by Ke$ha
  1. Turn it up By T.O.P.

Callan BlyeEdit

  1. War by Sick Pupies
  1. I will not Bow by Breaking Benjamin
  1. Indestructible by Disturbed


Katniss and PeetaEdit

  1. Iridescent by Linkin Park-Peeta to Katniss after Prim's death in Mockingjay
  2. All I Need by Within Temptation

Diane and EthanEdit

  1. Have Faith in Me by A Day to Remember