"And for the record, I would've kicked your *ss the first time if the lady hadn't gotten in the way!"

Callan Blye is a 14 year old boy from District 7. He is the main character of Nothing is Real.



Callan has no family or friends. He grew up living on the streets and worked on lumber since he was four. He is outspoken against the Capitol, and often has to avoid peacekeepers. He will always speak his mind, for he truly has nothing to lose. He has a sort of sixth sense that lets him see through other people's acts or lies. His main hideout is on the roof of a school in the center of District 7. He isn't really liked by most people in his district, but they often will pay him to find out things on the peacekeepers, as he can climb to rooftops of many buildings, the headquarters of the Peacekeepers namely. He is quite stealthy, but knows how to fight openly. Since he was seven, he decided that he should view the Hunger Games as an inevitability, and trained for two hours a day with an axe and a hatchet should he ever be chosen. He also sharpened a large wooden stick into a spear, and practiced with it as well.


Callan is pale, mainly working at night. He wears a set of ancient blue jeans he found in the lumber forest, and a light jacket over a white t-shirt. He is somewhat muscular from daily training, but tries to hide it. He has medium length black hair.

Weapons and toolsEdit

Callan prefers to use and axe in combat, though is also proficient with a spear. His choice of ranged weapons is a throwing hatchet. Although he normally prefers to hang back and let everyone else kill each other.