This is a series by Arti

Genere: Action, drama, horror, romance

Blurb: The first Hunger Games have begun....and for the unexperianced players, there will be 23 deaths, 23 ways to die, 23 enimies. And only one can win. So let the games begin!

Books Edit

Prequel: Divide and Conquer - The Games are invented. The Reaping done, the interveiws made. And 24 Tributes step out into the arena.

1. First Down

2. Bloodbath

3. The Cornicopia

4. I Wanna Go Home

5. Alliance

6. Pack

7. Time to Hunt

8. Bloodred Moon

9. Eclipse

10. Mutts

11. Driven

12. Half

13. Heartbreak

14. The Faster They Fall

15. Beautiful Disaster

16. Trust Is Tricky

17. Fishing For Killers

18. One Way Out

19. Fire In My Blood

20. Hunger

21. Pawn In A Game

22. All On My Own

23. Last Act of Decency

24. Victor

Epilogue- Let's Play Again - The victors interveiw, return home in triumph, and victors tour followed by a fateful decision of the Gamemakers...