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The 12th New Hunger Games Arena was the exclusive arena built, by Gamemakers who had started their work since the 98th Games, for the 12th New Hunger Games of the Stick's Hunger Games series. The Head Gamemaker was a 42 years old man named Welliam Hartwood. The arena was made to exactly resemble the one from the 75th Hunger Games. It has 12 wedges filled with different threats, that appear seperately each hour, which surrounds the Cornucopia situated on a small, rocky island. Each threat will stay only in its wedges. During the one hour period of a section, none of any other tributes or creatures may enter or leave the area.


During the Games, the horrors in the sections were changed weekly to avoid any tributes to outsmart the Gamemakers.

Week 1Edit

  • Hour 12-1: Powerful lightning storm strikes a tall tree
  • Hour 1-2: Hard rain of thick, cold blood
  • Hour 2-3: Huge tidal waves
  • Hour 3-4: Carnivorous monkey muttations
  • Hour 4-5: Giant volcano erupts
  • Hour 5-6: Large jungle fire
  • Hour 6-7: Great earthquake
  • Hour 7-8: Stampede of strong, rough bull muttations
  • Hour 8-9: Colossal tornado
  • Hour 9-10: The "Beast" (appeared to be a big, vicious, muttated jungle cat)
  • Hour 10-11: "Mutt Hour" (Numerous mutts appear in this section and destroy all tributes they can reach)
  • Hour 11-12: Quick-spreading, thick acid fog

Week 2Edit

  • Hour 12-1: Sea gets electrocuted
  • Hour 1-2: Carnivorous fish
  • Hour 2-3: "Mutt Hour"
  • Hour 3-4: Sandstorm
  • Hour 4-5: Hundreds of mosquito muttations
  • Hour 5-6: Tons of detonated mines
  • Hour 6-7: Raining stones
  • Hour 7-8: Temperature quickly decreases
  • Hour 8-9: Trees uprooted/fall


  • Carnivorous monkeys
  • Strong bulls
  • Jungle cat
  • Carnivorous fish
  • Brutal elephant
  • Carnivorous bird
  • Mosquitoes
  • Bees

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