Welcome, Welcome, it is time for the 100th hunger games and the twist is... Only dead tributes will be reaped. Basically, two past tributes who didn't win will be brought back as the way they were before the games started.also after the rebellion they restarted the games at the first one so there has been three quarter quells.

Tribute form.



District (I include district 13):

Which Hunger Games did they compete in:

If quarter quell what was the twist:

Place in Hunger games the first time they competed:

How they died:

Skills (2+):

Weaknesses (2+):


Strategy (for bloodbath):

Strategy (for games):

Interview angle:

Are they open to an alliance:

The arena can be voted on in the comments here is what you can choose from:

Zombie apocalypse: the zombies of the tributes the first time they died also when tributes die they will be turned into a zombie. The arena itself is a hotel with 14 floors.

Giant stone maze: a large circular room in the middle with 4 doors leading out. At the edge of the maze ther are only three exits and each exit into a room with a map of the maze, three buttons, and a box were they can choose any survival item or weapon they want as long as it follows the guidelines go the hunger games.

A giant meadow: sounds nice except every night all night there are tornadoes. During the day there are storms.

Mansions of madness: A giant mansion were each room offers a new trap and a reward. Each room you can either try the challenge to get the reward or pass through.